SRSM has more than twelve clubs which give students umpteen avenues to hone their skills and tap their potential. These Clubs provide ample opportunities to the students to learn and grow in a conducive atmosphere.


The Conscientica Club of SRSM constantly works on selfless giving which is intrinsic to holistic development. We host numerous social awareness programmes aiming at apprising children of their social responsibility and promoting a more humane approach towards their less privileged brethren.



The Economica Club encourages students to develop love for the subject and through multi-dimensional activities educates them about the importance and benefits of global trade and services on the local and national economy.



The Creatica Club is always keen to develop students ingenuity and allows them to portray their imagination. In this club, our budding artists are encouraged to let their imagination run wild. All activities of this club aim to improve hand-eye co-ordination allow us to hone their creativity.



The Informatica Club aims at broadening the sphere of general knowledge of students which lays a strong base for the students to learn, revise and apply. Different facts tapping various dimensions are shared with them on regular basis.



The Sportica Club believes in fostering all round development. Upholding the spirit of adventure and healthy competition amongst the agile and sprightly students, The Sportica Club keeps widening the sphere of activities.



The English literary club is for the aficionados of the Queen’s language. This club exposes the students to the marvels of the language in a fun filled manner.



This is the Math club of the school. It encourages students to develop love for the subject and through multifarious activities helps them enjoy exploring the subject in an original and explorative manner.



The Computer club of SRSM persistently brings inclined minds closer to technology and its various applications, limitations and of course capacities. It creates a flexible forte for all the youngsters who believe in testing, learning and surging ahead in the cyber world.



The Music club of the school constantly discovers young talents of the school and brings out vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers and actors that have remained hitherto hidden. The school band ‘Anhad’ has received rave reviews at various platforms and have proven their mettle as being the youngest band that ranked among top five schools in Delhi NCR region.



The environmentica club of SRSM has been instrumental in carrying out various environmentally and socially relevant activities in the school as well as outside it. Their regular rallies and street plays have created awareness on diverse social issues in different localities of Delhi. Their neighbourhood care programme has been appreciated by the media too.



The Social Studies club of the school is a hub of activity at all the times. The students are passionate about different activities and regularly organize talks and workshops on awareness. Instilling creative & critical thinking abilities and global consciousness on various contemporary issues are some of the achievements of this club.



Inventica club of SRSM paves a strengthen scaffold for its students offering numerous opportunities to explore and invent. It endeavours to create interest and curiosity in young minds for everyday’s happening by explaining the role of science in it and how our lives are interlinked and affected by contemporary changes.



The Hindi club of the school is committed to generate a love of our mother tongue in the youth of the times. It strives to make the youngsters master the Hindi language in a practical manner.