Code Of Conduct

To Guardians

  • To get the best from the school for your child, you are advised to maintain a close contact with the school. We earnestly recommend that the parents and guardians should look into their ward’s school almanac every day and see that the homework or task assigned is done. They should ensure that sufficient time is given for self study.
  • Remarks put down in the almanac should be seen and countersigned regularly. Should you feel that your ward is not making the desired progress, the class teacher should be contacted with prior intimation at the reception. Interaction with the teachers can be fixed for all Saturdays (except second).
  • Circulars, notices etc. all information pertaining to school would be sent only through the children and should be acknowledged and signed.
  • Leave record pages must be duly filled, if the child does not attend school for any reason.
  • Parents are requested to pay attention to their child’s regularity, discipline, neatness and take Interest in their child’s work.
  • Students should be encouraged to cultivate neatness. Uniform should be of appropriate size and as prescribed in the almanac. It should be washed, ironed and maintained perfectly.
  • As the medium of instruction in the school is English, students should be helped to follow their work easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular conversation in English at home.
  • Criticism of a teacher on the school in the presence of a child must be avoided. The child becomes disrespectful towards the teacher and the bond between student and teacher is affected.
  • Use of foul, abusive and un-parliamentary language is a punishable offence. Parents must check the students if they pick up this habit.
  • Ensure that your ward has breakfast and leaves home in time to reach school punctually. Entry will not be given to late arrivals.
  • Lunch should be properly packed so that the notebooks and the books are not stained or spoiled. Tiffins should be carried by the students them selves every morning and parents will not be allowed to deliver tiffin personally later in the day. Canteen facility is only available during break or after the school is over. If there is any emergency, children can avail of this facility with the concerned teacher’s permission slip.
  • Parent - Teacher meetings should be attended regularly. These meetings are held to discuss the performance and progress of the children and to give parents an opportunity to know about their child’s development and also help the teacher to give his/her feedback/views towards the overall development of the children.
  • Parents must adhere to the time schedule of the PTM’s and other events hosted by school for them. Late arrivals will not be entertained.
  • Parents shall not be permitted to walk into the classrooms to meet the teachers during school hours. To meet the teachers prior appointment should be taken for any Saturday (except second Saturday) between (11:00 am to 12:00 noon).
  • The progress report handed over to parents at the end of each term has to be collected by the parents personally. It should be signed and returned duly.
  • In case of an emergency, parents will be informed and they will have to make personal arrangement to pick their ward from the school reception. The child will be handed over to parents/guardians whose photograph is affixed in the almanac only if identity card is presented.
  • The gate pass giving details about the child must be handed over to the security guard at the gate or the child will not be permitted to leave th school.
  • Parents are requested to come to school in proper attire, not casually dressed.
  • Once the child has come to school, parents/guardians are not permitted to take back their ward during school hours. Parents are requested not to fix any social engagements or medical appointments during working hours. If there is an emergency, in such cases the decision of the Principal will be final.
  • Identity card affixed with the photographs of the child and the parents has to be presented at the reception whenever the parents come to collect the child or visit for any other purpose.
  • Should there be any infectious disease in your home, please report the matter at once, and do not send your ward to school till such period is over.
  • Cell phones, cameras and other objectionable material is not allowed in school.
  • Any objectionable material found in the possession of a student will be forfeited and a fine of Rs. 200/- will be imposed. It will be returned only to parents by the consent of the Principal.
  • Any change in the address or telephone number must be intimated to the school office promptly.
  • Any document that requires Principal’s attestation or approval should be submitted at the reception and a minimum of 2 days should be given for processing.

Guidelines For Students

  • Students and Parents are expected to follow the schedule or calendar frained by the school authorities.
  • A student should affix his/her photograph and write the required information, duly signed by parents, in the space provided for in the Almanac.
  • Students are expected to be present in the school premises 5 minutes prior to the bell. Late arrivals will not be given entry.
  • Students should speak only in English within the school premises.
  • Students should come to school only in prescribed dress on all working days. The dress should be clean and neat. Students not in proper dress or untidy dress will be sent back to their home.
  • Student should attend PTM’s with parents only in school uniform.
  • All boys must keep their hair short and girls must tie their hair with black rubber bands.
  • Students should read a newspaper daily & insure that he/she carries it home for further reference.
  • Students are not allowed to distribute expensive sweets or gift on their birthday in school. Exchanging gifts is also not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments such as knives tie school, or any other kind of object that can cause injury to others.
  • Lending or borrowing of money or other articles is not allowed.
  • Students are expected to respect their school property. Students should not ravage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or damage things belonging to others. Any school property damaged by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher.
  • Students are expected to maintain the greenery in the school.
  • Students should not join other students in violent, destructive activities else they will be subjected to punishment.
  • Students if found being disrespectful in language or act towards any staff member will be liable to pay a minimum fine of Rs 500.
  • Student will not do anything to disturb the principles and norms of school discipline.
  • Student shall not to school indulge in any of the following practices, namely:-
    a. Writing on the shirts or uniform.
    b. Spitting in or near the school building.
    c. Smoking.
    d. Any form of gambling.
    e. Use of drugs or intoxicants, except on prescription by a registered medical practitioner.
    f. Use of violence in any form.
    g. Rude behaviour with co-students or staff members.
    h. Bursting crackers or throwing colour on one another/or painting faces within the school premises.
  • If students do not follow rules and regulations of school the following cards will be issued as punitive measure.
    Yellow - written warning
    Orange - suspension
    Red - termination
  • Seniors should not bully their juniors they should treat them with love and affection. Students of SRSM, are expected to be polite in general even outside the school boundaries. Students should behave properly with their family members and relatives as, well.
  • The school management reserves the right to modify any rule/ regulation without prior intimation.

General rules for examination regularity attendance and school discipline

Examination rules:-

  • a. Students who use unfair means during tests will be given zero in the subject and a warning letter. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.
  • b. A students who misses out any test or examination for any reason will not be retested. He/she will be marked absent/in Wye as applicable.
  • c. Students, who are ill should strictly not be sent to school, such cases will be settled on the basis of his/her regular performance, but a medical certificate will be required for the same.
    Serious action will be taken against the student, who remains regularly absent during class tests or examinations.

Regularity Of Attendance

  • Attendance is compulsory on all working days of the school. Irregularity in attending the school is a major disruptive force in a student’s life. It leads to a lack of sustained interest in studies. It also isolates a student from his/her companions for he/she misses opportunities to share work and fun. Hence, the school takes a serious view of their parents who do sure their ward’s regular attendance.
  • Students are accountable to the school authorities for their behaviour in the school premises and elsewhere, particularly when they are in their school uniform.
  • Parents are expected to be in constant touch of their ward’s almanac and respective class teacher to check and getting updated about their behavioural changes both positive or negative for that matter.
  • Attendance:- 85% attendance during the academic year is required and no relaxation of any kind will be granted to a student who does not fulfil the school requirement for all classes.
  • If a student is found outside the school premises during working hours wihout the written permission of the school authorities, the Principal will be forced to take a strict disciplinary action which, if deemed fit by the management, may lead to expulsion/suspension.


  • Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than seven consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off from the school rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on the repayment of admission fee provided the vacancy still exists.
  • All children are expected to attend school on the opening day after every vacation. A fine of Rs. 25 perday will be imposed for such unsanctioned leave. Those absent because of sickness must present a medical certificate before they join the class.
  • A child returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce fitness certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner( MBBS Doctor).
  • Attendence is compulsory on all Saturdays, events and celebrations. Absenteeism on these days will lead to imposition of a fine of Rs. 25 per day.
  • Student suffering from any one of the-following disease must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the class:-
Chicken poxTill complete falling of scabs
CholeraTill the child is completely well
MeaslesTwo weeks after the rash disappears
MumpsUntil the swelling has gone
Whooping coughSix weeks
JaundiceSix weeks

Rules For School Discipline

“Discipline it, the continual exercise of the will, enlightened by the intellect, so that it may act easily and habitually according to the right order and help to attain self-mastery”.

  • If a student is found violating the rules and missions of the school constantly the student may be asked to leave the school.
  • Students who stay away from P.T., Art Education (visual and performing), Library and Work Experience classes, will be dealt with strictly.
  • If a student causes any damage to school property or destroys equipment in the laboratories, he or she will have to pay complete charges for it restoration, repair or replacement.